THE H-Town Invitational Super Regional – Sept. 9-11, 2022 – Rosenberg,TX


5 Game Guarantee – September 9-11, 2022

The event will begin on Friday, Sept.9, 2022 – All teams are welcome to play 1 Exhibition game. The game will be 1 hour 20 minutes (12U) and 1 hour 30 minutes (14U) finish the batter.  All these games will take place on Friday evening.  NO games will begin before 5:30PM. – NOTE:  Teams can “opt off” of this game simply by request.
The tournament itself is an all competitive 4 game guarantee played in our signature Power Bracket. An extra game can be added upon request** making your team’s weekend outing a minimum of 6 games.  All games are regulation time (10U/12U – 1 hour 20 minutes and 14U – 1 1/2 hours) and require a winner. The championship game in the Elite bracket will be 7 innings no time limit.  To understand more about the bracket browse the “What is the Power Bracket” tab

Prize package includes*:

Elite Bracket

  • Champions – Ind. Custom Medals
  • Runner-up – Ind. Custom Medals
  • 3rd/4th – Ind. Custom Medals

Premier Bracket

  • Champions – Ind. Custom Medals
  • Runner up – Ind. Custom Medals

Gold Bracket-

  • Champions – Ind. Custom Medals
  • Runner up – Ind. Custom Medals

*Entry Fee is $650.00 and includes the umpire fees

**Extra games can be purchased for $60.00/each.

*Stay with our Tier 1 Housing partners and receive 15 points towards seeding (8 room minimum).

*We could use multiple field sites to facilitate this large event. Teams will have ample time to move between locations during the tournament.

*This tournament will be NCAA guided rules, with some modifications.  One difference we offer is the option to utilize an XP (extra hitter) AND a DP/Flex in your line-up.  Our rulebook can be found on the homepage of Cowart Sports Events, Inc. under the ‘rules’ tab.  Player age eligibility is determined by the age of the player on New Year’s Eve of the current year.  Whatever the age – THAT is the age group all teams must play in each September which is the beginning of each competitive fiscal season.

*Teams are NOT accepted into the event UNTIL their entry fee is received. We will take as many teams as possible – however, first paid=first in. This event could sell out! Don’t miss out on this 2nd Annual Event!

NOTE: 8U Coach Pitch/Player Pitch – 4GG – 60 minute games.  Games will not begin until Saturday morning.  

SpringHill Suites Rosenberg - 6815 Reading Road Rosenberg, Texas 77471 - $89.00/Night

LaQuinta Inn and Suites-Richmond/Sugarland 1139 Crabb River Road, Richmond, Texas 77469 - $95.00/Night

Hampton Inn & Suites Houston - Rosenberg 3312 Vista Drive Rosenberg, Texas 77471 - $99.00/Night - CALL HOTEL DIRECTLY 281-341-9393 - USE DISCOUNT CODE "COWART SPORTS"

12U - Super/Silver

(SU)-American Thunder 2k10 Klehm-Lake Jackson,TX.
(SU)-Athletics Mercado 2010 – Louisiana-Monroe,LA.
(SU)-Athletics Mercado Lopez-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Athletics Mercado National 2011-San Antonio,TX.
(SU)-Buzz-Ramos Elite-Hewitt,TX.
(SU)-Buzz Thomas-Temple,TX.
(SU)-Centex Smoke 12u-Ruiz-Temple,TX.
(SU)-DYNASTY STX GUNZ-Corpus Christi,TX.
(SU)-Hotshots National 2011-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Hustle National 2k11-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Hustle National 2k10-Sealy,TX.
(SU)-Impact Gold HTX Premier- Mata-Pearland,TX.
(SU)-Impact Gold Premier 2011-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Impact Gold Premier 2028 McKenzie-Pearland,TX.
(SU)-Impact Gold Ramirez-Rosenberg,TX.
(SU)-TEST2KX1-San Antonio,TX.
(SU)-Texas Blaze PTX 2010-Pearland,TX.
(SU)-Texas Bombers CTX – Trevino-Belton,TX.
(SU)-Texas Dirt Divas Powell-Liberty,TX.
(SU)-Texas Express Platinum-Deer Park,TX.
(SU)-Texas Strykers 2K11-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Texas Thunderbolts-Pearland,TX.
(SU)-Texas USSSA Pride Elite 2k10-Alvin,TX.
(SU)-TX CF Intruders 12U – Preston-Cypress,TX.
(SU)-TX Sudden Impact 12U-Tellez-Spring,TX.
(SU)-Hotshots National 2011-Houston,TX.


14U - Super/Silver

(SU)-09 Tx Glory (HTX)-League City,TX.
(SU)-14U Firecrackers-HTX Kay-Conroe,TX.
(SU)-Buzz National 09-Lorena,TX.
(SU)-HITT 14U Gold-San Antonio,TX.
(SU)-HTX Bulldogs-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Hustle Premier 14U-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Louisiana Bombers Gold 2027- Pickett-Lecompte,LA.
(SU)-Magnolia Elite 09-Magnolia,TX.
(SU)-Marucci Patriots New Orleans 14u Gold-New Orleans,LA.
(SU)-Moonshots Fastpitch-Manvel,TX.
(SU)-Splendora Elite-Splendora,TX.
(SU)-Texas Blaze 2K9-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Texas Blaze National 09-College Station,TX.
(SU)-Texas Bombers 09 Farmer-Friendswood
(SU)-Texas Diamond Elite National-14U-Alvin,TX.
(SU)-Texas Elite 14U Ryan National-Katy,TX.
(SU)-Texas Elite 14U Takeda Gold-Katy,TX.
(SU)-Texas Express Gold ‘08-League City,TX.
(SI)-Texas Express Premier-Deer Park,TX.
(SU)-TX Outrage-Sugarland,TX.


(SI)-Texas Strike Force Elite 08-Humble,TX.
(SU)-Impact Gold 26-27-Houston,TX.
(SI)-TX CF Intruders 08-Katy,TX.
(SU)-TX Magic Ram 14U-Pearland,TX.
(SU)-Hotshots 14u – Savant-Livingston,TX.
(SU)-TX CF Intruders 09 Taylor-Tomball, TX
(SI)-Texas Bombers Gold HTX 08-Deer Park,TX.


(SU)-16U Firecrackers-HTX Kay-Conroe,TX.
(SU)-HITT 18U Elite-San Antonio,TX.
(SU)-HITT 18U Gold-San Antonio,TX.
(SU)-HITT 16U Elite-San Antonio,TX.
(SU)-HITT 16U Gold-San Antonio,TX.
(SU)-Hotshots 07 -Walton-Conroe,TX.
(SI)-Hotshots Buhl 16U-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Hotshots Premier Frederiksen-Conroe,TX.
(SU)-Impact Gold DFW 18u-Forney,TX.
(SU)-Stix Academy Stallions 16U-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Texas Blaze HTX-Perk-Pearland,TX.
(SU)-Texas Blaze 18U Simons-Houston,TX.
(SU)-Texas Elite 16U Fobian-Katy,TX.
(SU)-Texas Elite 16U West Houston-Katy,TX.
(SU)-Texas Elite 16U Ryan Gold-Katy,TX.
(SU)-Texas Elite Flores National 07-Katy,TX.
(SU)-Texas Ruthless ATX-Austin,TX.
(SU)-TSF Kenebrew-Tomball,TX.


(SU)-Texas Peppers 16U Futures-Tomball, TX

The Super 24 was introduced last year and and is the most competitive form of CSE’s signature Power Bracket per age division. Everything is the same – from the 4 game guarantee, ALL Bracket play & ALL games REQUIRING a winner.  HOWEVER – the only way into this division is to be at the top of your game!  If you and your team can’t get enough (when it comes to competition) or just want a continued challenge – this is for you!  Teams who enter the Super 24 are admitted by invite only AND desire THE MOST competitive matchups. Game after game after game it just gets tougher and tougher!  This bracket is sure to bring the regional competition you are looking for.  Not for the fainthearted or inexperienced!  But if you dare to climb the gauntlet – the spoils await at the top. 

Sounds like fun???  Tell us you want in on the Super 24, and introduce us to your team via our registration form located on our: TOURNAMENT INFO AND REGISTRATION section.


George Park 2155 Collins Rd, Richmond, TX 77469